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Heating & Boilers: Services


Book an enginner for as little as £100

One of our expert engineers will take a look at your boiler and central heating and give you a quote to repair them. If you're happy with the quote, our engineer will start the repair. If you decide not to go ahead, you'll only be charged for 30 minutes of the engineer's time. If there are any unrelated faults, such as a leaking radiator when the original fault was a broken boiler, we will provide a separate quote for each repair.

What's included

  • Repairs to your gas central heating system, including boiler, controls, radiators and hot water cylinder

  • All parts and labour included (conditions apply)

  • 12 month guarantee on our work

What's not included

  • Replacement of boiler


  • £110  — up to 30 - 1hr minutes

  • £250  — between 1 - 2 hours

  • £300 to £499 — over 2 hours


Prices starting from as little as £2500 including a new A+ rated boiler & installation. Central heating systems starting from as little as £3950

Here's why you should get a boiler with us

  • Fitted by expert engineers
    Our engineers have been installing new boilers for more than 50 years and fit more boilers than anyone else in the UK

  • Peace of mind
    Most boilers fitted come with up to a 6 year manufacturer warranty, We provide a 12-month workmanship guarantee on all work carried out by us.

  • Affordable monthly payments
    We've got a range of payment options, including two years interest-free credit.

  • No surprises
    You'll pay a fixed price with no hidden or unexpected costs


Annual Boiler service from £80

It is recommended that getting your boiler serviced around once a year will keep it in good working order.

What's included

  • Annual service of your gas boiler to make sure it's running safely and efficiently

  • Testing your flue to make sure your appliance isn't leaking carbon monoxide

  • Checking your gas pressure to make sure it's right and inspecting your appliance for any wear or leaks

Things that we don't cover

  • Repairs to your gas boiler

  • Replacement of faulty boiler


Increase energy efficiency, save on bills. from as little as £500

A power flush is simply a process that gives your central heating system a thorough internal clean, it improves the central heating system's performance; which can lead to lower gas bills.

Over time some heating systems may experience poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build-up. By ‘power flushing’ your heating system, the sludge and built up residue will be removed via inline magnetic filtration, it will make your system work more efficiently.

Water in a central heating system is always pumped in the same direction, iron filings, sludge, oil, and grease build-up within each radiator in your system. This has a detrimental effect on the efficiency of both your radiators and your boiler, reducing its life expectancy.

When a system is professionally power flushed it also extend the lifespan of your boiler and improve the performance of your heating system. 

The cost of power flushing starts from £250.

There are many benefits to power flushing your central heating:

  • Faster radiator “heating up” time

  • All radiators produce more heat

  • Boiler runs quieter

  • Overall central heating system quieter

  • No cold spots on radiators

  • Cheaper gas bill – making your money stretch further (what you spend on power flush you get back in one winter saving)

  • Less risk of breakdown

  • More reliable and efficient central heating system, giving you a warmer house at less cost

Guarantee up to 5 Years

If you get any problems caused by sludge or rust within two years of your power flush we will return and clean the system for free. Up to five years guarantee with the installation of magnaclean filter. 

Our professional and talented team is ready to work with you on your upcoming project. Contact us today!

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